Mission and Vision

  1. To Supply Customers with First Class Products: Providing customers with one-stop professional solutions and products and services exceeding their expectations;
  2. To Furnish Employees with First Class Platform: Regarding employees as partners and providing them with a platform that transforms jobs to careers;
  3. To Repay Shareholders with First Class Return: Contributing great returns to shareholders through efficient and scientific operation and management;
  4. To Contribute to the Society with First Class Value: Committing to public welfare and delivering positive social values.

Corporate Culture

Core Value:

Corporate culture of Brilliant Circle comes from the core value belief adopted by people though past 23 years of history and development. It simple but comprehensively illuminate the corporation’s purpose of existence, beliefs and principles to live by.The purpose of our existence is to create value to the world and promote complete individual growth.We believe teamwork and being pragmatic is the foundation of conducting business and ourselves The principles that we live by are: respect promises, aim for mutual benefits, and improve and better ourselves.

Corporate Mission:

Promote the Growth of the Industry, Create Value, Build a platform of opportunities, Help fulfilling dreams.

Corporate Spirit:

Virtue lies in being united; virtue lies in being pragmatic.

Operation Philosophy:

Respect standards, cooperate for mutual gain, act with integrity, and pursue excellence.

Personnel Policy

At Brilliant Circle Holdings International Limited, we value human resource as the most important strategic resource for corporate growth and development. We wish to create a platform that allows employees to fully express their strengths, talents and creativity. We are proud of our dedicated long-time employees who have demonstrated the utmost commitment to their work. Moreover, we are also proud that we are constantly attracting vibrant, new generation of talents.